Lecomm Masks Donated to Assist Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
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Though miles apart, we are under the same sky. In the face of the sudden global covid-19 outbreak, Guangdong Lecomm Medical Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Senma Shoes Co., Ltd. jointly donated one million disposable medical masks and other anti-epidemic supplies to the Competition Committee of the Tokyo Olympic Games Group to help the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The people of China and Japan have helped each other in the fight against covid-19.

On May 19, 2020, the press conference of "Donated Masks and Supplies for 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games" was held in the international hall of Beijing international hotel, which was sponsored by the China Social Welfare Foundation and organized by the Committee of One Belt and One Road Brand 10,000 Miles Travel Activity and Guotai Minan Emergency Rescue Industry Development Co., Ltd.

Yu Zaiqing, vice chairman of the Chinese Olympic Organizing Committee, Li Longbo, chairman of the One Belt and One Road Brand 10,000 Miles Organizing Committee, Li Zhiyong, secretary general of the organizing committee and other leaders put forward constructive opinions on the sports and cultural exchanges between the Chinese and Japanese.

Le Liuping, chairman of Lecomm, said that company switched to the front line of epidemic prevention, and the quality of the masks should be "professional" and "perfect" in order to carry forward the Olympic spirit and win the battle with the whole world.

In early 2020, Faced with the severe situation of covid-19, Le Liuping, chairman of Lecomm, instructed the emergency mobilization of many experts and elite technicians to form a core mask production team, rebuild a large-scale mask production base, set up several mask production lines, and rushed to the front line of epidemic prevention. And Lecomm also cooperated with partner Guotai Minan Emergency Rescue Industry Development Co., Ltd. to establish Guangzhou Strategic Material Reserve Support Base.

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