Winter Solstice,something you don’t know about it.
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Winter Solsticesomething you don’t know about it.

We all know that people would eat dumplings or sweet soup balls on Winter Solstice.

However,we don’t know that it is also a good time to do some sports outside.

Less Solar Radiation

The referenced list of carcinogen preliminarily sorted out WHO shows that

the solar radiation are in the list of the first type of carcinogen.

However,on the day of Winter Solstice,the Northern Hemisphere gets lest Solar Radiation.

Compared with the Southern Hemisphere,it is approximately less 50%.

Therefore,there is no doubt that it’s a good time to do sports outside.

The Winter Sky

Although after the Winter Solstice ,the star image would change to the winter sky,

the star image of the day of Winter Solstice is still beautiful.

If you would do sport outside,you can see the magnificent sky.It is the happy thing,isn’t it?

Long Night

Winter Solstice is the day which day is short while night is long of the Northern Hemisphere.

What’s more,the site is closer to the north,the day is shorter and the night is longer.

So a long night that we can do some meaningful thing to spend.

Actually,sport outside dose not mean professional sport.

If you can walk after eating twenty minutes and keep it as your habit,you would keep fit.

Above all,Winter Solstice,why you don’t put down your phone and walk with your family outside

 to see the sky and talk after eating the glue puddings or dumplings?

Don’t forget to wear the L28T Watch.It is small and portable.

It can not only shows you the time,but also the steps and calorie.

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