Major Snow is coming.The conversion,do you know?
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Major Snow

The twenty-first solar terms of lunar calendar solar terms means the beginning of the sever winter.

Red dates cake

The custom food of Major Snow,

which not only benefits the spleen and stomach,but also protects the liver.


Nutritional Ingredients

Eh...It is so nice.

However,do you notice the quantity of heat?

The quantity of heat of 100g red dates cake 

can reach up to 304.7kCal.

The conversion



Walking(4km/ hour) 255cal

Running(9km/hour) 655cal

Swimming(3km/hour) 550cal

Aerobic exercise(mild) 275cal

Aerobic exercise(moderate) 350cal




Waiting a minute,let me copy this.


Haw-haw,you needn’t copy.

Because of it --L42B,which is the steward.


it all can calculate.

Heart Rate monitoring

can be used to adjust the exercise intensity in good time;

Remote camera

photograph the beautiful pictures of you;

Rise to brighten the screen

you can get the time conveniently in winter that the nights is long.

Food is not horrible while no exercise is terrible.

L42B,let you can own both the food and slimming.

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