The relationship between sport watch and health.
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Recently,I sleep not well,lack focus and feel tired.What’s wrong with me?

I search on line.

It show me that I’m in sub-health status.

What’s sub-health?


Sub-health is a status which is between health and sick.

The people who is in sub-health status,can’t reach the stander of health.

However,they don’t accord with the stander of 

modern medicine clinical or subclinical diagnosis about this sickness.

What’s the symptom of sub-health?

The reason of giving rise to sub-health:

inactivity and poor diet,lack of sport,sleep insufficiency and so on.


Replenishing vitamin A,relieve the fatigue of eyes.

Like eels etc.


Eating nut can relieve the tire brought by sub-health.

Like peanuts etc.


Replenishing vitamin C,is good to relieve psychological pressure.

Like oranges etc.


Eating the food which is rich in calcium,

 can relieve the bad temper brought by sub-health.

Like milk,beef etc.


Doing some sport for 45 minutes every day,

 is to the benefit of relaxing and sleeping.

Like running,yoga etc.

Eating is OK.But I still don’t want to do any sport.

It’s OK.L38U will let you fall in love with sport and be far away from sub-health.

Music control,lei the music relieve your tire of all day.

Heart rate monitoring, let you adjust your condition of sport anytime;

Sleep monitoring,let you sleep well and keep the distance of sub-health;

Sport monitoring,let you come true the little goal of sport and improve your sleep;

Now,do you know the relationship between the sport watch and the health?

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