My Parents,is in my turn to love you.
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My Parents,is in my turn to love you.

When we were young,our parents taught us how to eat,dress,walk and so on.

When it’s a cold day,they would help us to dress more clothes.

When we were sick,they would take care about us all the time.

However,when we grew up,we have to leave home.We know less about our parents.

We don’t find that our parents become old and need our concern.

H96 is the best gift of concern to parents.

Five smart monitoring functions

——Blood Pressure Monitoring,Heart Rate Monitoring,

Sport Management,Sleep Monitoring and Movement Monitoring,

which can let us get the data of parents’ health and know about the condition of their health.

Blood Pressure&Heart Rate Monitoring

Don’t need to go to the hospital,you can track the heart rate and blood pressure just at home.

In the same time,we also can get parents’ health data,so that we can pay attention to their health.


Falling SOS,you can get parents’ SOS in time,then through the location to deal with the urgent need.

Sleep Monitoring

Concerning parents’ sleep,we can know how to deal with this problem in need.

Two-way Communication

Parents can be easy to call their children.

Movement Monitoring

Warning parents to do some exercise,it can record their sport data.

Warm Prompt

Although H96 is considerate,parents are still hope their children can stay with them.

They are easy to be satisfied.Just the opposite,you will know how to do is nice to them.

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